Witch & The Bear

Musical duo, Witch and the Bear are...

Charlie Kesem (that's meee!) & Noam Rosenthal (my lovely hubby!) 

Our music takes audiences on a journey with original music, story and folk songs, inspired by celebrating the changing seasons in community.

Some call it the Wheel of the Year, others call it the Jewish lunar calendar and surely there are many names for it...

We call it Shminiya.*

*Shminiya means octet in Hebrew

birds us.jpeg

8 transitions making up the Wheel of the Year, marking the beginning of each season and the mid-way points between them.

8 festivals celebrated in different ways all over the world, from different traditions. 

They represent the circle of life and the never ending cycle of nature.


They are days of festivity, connection and a time to honour the Earth, the Mystery, each other and ourselves.