Witch & The Bear

Musical duo, Witch and the Bear are...

Charlie Kesem (that's meee!) & Noam Rosenthal (my lovely hubby!) 

Our music takes audiences on a journey with original music, story and folk songs, inspired by celebrating the changing seasons in community.

Some call it the Wheel of the Year, others call it the Jewish lunar calendar and surely there are many names for it...

We call it Shminiya* - The Earth JeWitch S.He-Brew** Wheel of the Year.

*Shminiya means octet in Hebrew

** dots . and dashes - represent non-binary gender. Brew like a Cauldron!

birds us.jpeg

8 times a year we come together, celebrating transition and the circle of life.  Honouring the Earth, the Mystery, each other and of course, ourselves.


Inspired by pagan traditions of Old Europe, interwoven with the beauty, complexity and ancestry of This Land (Israel/Palestine).  Reclaiming, rewewing and uncovering the lost and hidden feminine in Jewish and wider tradition.

"Good Witch" set list 2.10.21

Slow Down (The Mother’s Response) ~ Lyrics by Kohenet Riv Ranney Shapiro

Mabon ~ By Lisa Thiel

Witchcraft ~ Music by Noam Rosenthal, lyrics by Charlie Kesem

Silent Night ~ Traditional Carol, lyrics unknown

Winter’s Song ~By Susie Ro

Willow ~ Music by Noam Rosenthal, lyrics by Charlie Kesem

Dayenu (More Than Enough) ~ Lyrics by Taya Mâ

Hal-an-to ~ English folk song, collected at the Anthroposophical School in Forest Row

Lotus Flower ~ Music and Lyrics by Charlie Kesem, arrangement by Noam

The Myth of Dusk and Dawn (Estonian) ~ put together by Friedrich Robert Faehlmann

Long Time Sun ~ by Mike Heron from the Incredible String Band,

collected at a workshop in London a long, long time ago!

The Finish Line ~ Music and Lyrics by Charlie, arrangement by Noam

Everything Must Change ~ by Benard Ighner, collected from Rachel Rose Reid